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The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® proudly
supports our local Austin community!

Among the core principles at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® is a fundamental, unwavering commitment to the concept of social responsibility. We reflect this responsibility through our Caring Cup initiatives.
  • Austin Humane Society

    The Austin Humane Society (AHS) offers comprehensive, humane, life-saving animal services, transforming the lives of animals and those who love them. Because we believe homeless animals deserve a chance to thrive in a loving environment, we offer innovative, nationally recognized programs that save the lives of thousands of dogs and cats each year. AHS’ approach to addressing animal homelessness encompasses both finding animals homes through adoption as well as preventing future homelessness through spay/neuter programs.

    AHS Programs
    • Innovative life-saving adoption programs
    • High-volume spay and neuter programs
    • Engaging the community to be part of the solution
    • Serving animals and people in times of crisis
  • Autism Speaks

    Autism Speaks' mission is to change the future for anyone who is struggling with an autism spectrum disorder - and that includes moms, dads, siblings, service providers and the whole community!
  • Caritas of Austin

    Founded in 1964, Caritas of Austin is a non-profit organization that serves 20,000 homeless, working poor and documented refugees in Travis County. Caritas provides a service continuum for those experiencing poverty that begins with a safety net and links them to resources to achieve self-sufficiency.

    This year Caritas of Austin will
    • Serve 85,000 meals in their Community Kitchen
    • Prevent 2,000 men, women and children from becoming homeless
    • Provide 800 classes to teach clients the life-skills needed to maintain their stability
    • Place 500 individuals in jobs at more than 145 local business
  • East Austin Childrens Promise

    East Austin Children's Promise is a growing collective initiated and guided by Southwest Key to bring opportunities and prosperity to East Austin. This community revitalization initiative offers rigorous school instruction, after-school and summer youth programming, adult education and computer literacy. All services are offered free through the collective effort of youth, parents, organizations, and partners to create a network of supports to ensure success.
  • Ground to Ground

    Ground to Ground is a city-wide campaign that diverts nutrient-rich coffee grounds from the landfill and puts them back to work in our yards, farms, and gardens. Coffee grounds are a gentle, mildly acidic, “green” source of nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, and important micronutrients – incorporate them directly into garden soil, into compost, or sprinkle on lawn. All Ground to Ground locations offer free grounds to community members in 4-gallon buckets or disposable bags. Take as many buckets of grounds as you like (feel free to take all of them from any location), and then RINSE the buckets and RETURN them within a couple days.
  • Keep Austin Fed

    Keep Austin Fed is a grass roots group of local volunteers working with Austin charities that put food directly into the hands and mouths of our hungry Austin neighbors in need. We gather healthy and consumable food from local food sources (restaurants, caterers, etc.) and distribute it to area charities.
  • Wonders & Worries

    Mission: to help children cope when a parent faces a serious or life-threatening illness.
    Vision: of the future is a world where all children and their families have the tools and support they need to emerge from a family health crisis stronger than they were before.

    • Healthy families are the cornerstone of a thriving society.
    • All children matter.
    • Every child, every family has unique needs.
    • There should be no barriers to families who need services.
    • Dedicated Certified Life Specialists have unique skills and are best equipped to help children successfully cope with their parent’s serious illness.
Donation Request Form:

We are happy to receive donation requests from the community. Due to the high volume of requests please submit this form at least 45 days prior to your event.

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We source most of our food items from small businesses in Austin! Products and availability vary by location.
  • Austinuts

    Austinuts is an Austin based company specializing in dry roasting nuts. This centuries old roasting method is particularly common around the Mediterranean. Dry roasting requires specially designed ovens and utilizes only hot air. As they contain no added oils, additives or preservatives, their dry roasted nuts have a more natural flavor, taste better and are crunchier than oil roasted nuts.
  • The Green Cart

    Our mission is to aid in the proliferation and consumption of a healthier grab-n-go food alternatives here in Austin, Texas and so far it has been a delicious journey! The Green Cart offers a wide variety of tasty sandwiches, veggie wraps and more made from wholesome ingredients for your personal delight. All sandwiches are prepared locally and delivered fresh!
  • Johnson's Backyard Garden

    Johnson's Backyard Garden (JBG) is a certified organic, diversified vegetable farm located just outside of Austin, TX. In 2004, Brenton and Beth Johnson started JBG in the backyard of their house on Holly Street in East Austin. Thanks to the support of the Austin community, JBG has been able to grow from a small backyard garden into a thriving, sustainably operated organic farm. At JBG, we are committed to growing the highest quality produce year-round. We offer CSA memberships, attend fifteen area farmers markets weekly, and supply local restaurants and grocery stores with fresh organic vegetables.
  • Luxe Sweets

    They are an Austin-based company that loves food just as much as they love our beautiful city. Soraiya, Luxe Sweets owner, left a very routine job as a chemical engineer for a bowling ball manufacturing company to undertake the Le Cordon Bleu training program. She has loved being in the kitchen for as long as she can remember and is thrilled to be turning her passion into a reality.
  • Rockstar Bagels

    Rockstar bagels Inc. is a wholesale bagel company located in Austin, TX. It was started officially in March of 2009 by local drummer Joe Hummel. They provide Traditional New York Style Bagels to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf every morning. They have amazing flavors like Sesame, Everything, Salt/Rosemary and Cinnamon Raisin.
  • Tacodeli

    Tacodeli is a local go-to for the best tacos in town! They serve the finest tacos and salads in Austin. Hailed by Austin Chronicle as "Critics' Picks" and "Readers Picks", Texas Monthly, and Zagat. Daily food specials bring added value of delicious breakfast tacos every morning.
  • Thunderbird Energetica

    Thunderbird Energetica is an artisan energy bar manufacturer committed to producing powerful sources of human fuel.

    • Handmade in Austin, TX
    • No added sugars, sweeteners & agave free
    • 100% soy free, dairy free and gluten free
    • 100% compostable packaging
    • 100% Shaman Blessed

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